Help - Bibliographical Search

On this page you can search for any linguistic publication, which are related to the selected term and several other criteria, that can be specified in 1 and 2.

In 1 you may expand the search to related terms which are subordinates (1-5 level) or superordinates (1-5 level) of the current term. Furthermore you can limit the references to a certain area or language.

If you don't want the current term to be included in the search criteria, you can ensure that by simply clicking on 'select none'.

In 2 you can specify further criteria, e.g. author, title, type of publication and year.

After clicking the button Start search the results are shown in 5. On the first line you can see the selected criteria which have been searched for. Next to the references you can select some and copy them to the Clipboard for further requirements. You can get to the clipboard by changing the entry in the select-box in the upper right frame (near the Help-Button).

If you want to limit the list in favour of additional criteria (AND search), you have to switch 3 to the “limit the”-item.

In frame (6) you can see the number of the hits (2) and choose the amount of references, that are to be shown on each page (3).
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