LiDo - Help

This is the homepage of “LiDo”. Lido is a terminological and bibliographical database for linguistic requirements. With the help of LiDo you can get along with known or unknown terms, search for books, articles, journals, etc. on different criteria.

There are two main views, the Glossary and the Bibliographical Search. You can change the view by clicking on the link in 3. You can get some description about each link on all the pages by moving the mouse over the links.
The glossary-view gives you information about several linguistic terms.

In the upper left frame you can choose the target language 1, and the required term 2. The frames in the second panel describe the term in detail:
    4 gives you the subordinates of the term and the kind of relation
    5 shows the coordinates and
    6 contains the superordinate terms.
By clicking on one of the terms, 2 will change correspondingly. If available frame 7 gives you an appropriate definition of the term and 8 translates the term in certain languages, which can be changed by clicking on them as well.

After changing the entry of the select-box in 3 to References, linguistic publications will be shown, which are related to the entry of 2.